Born on October 2, 1986, Nicole Coverdale was the middle of three daughters born into the Coverdale family. Surrounded by a family of readers, and growing up in the Midwest where winters could be quite brutal, she spent a lot of time reading, and eventually that love of reading bloomed into something much more.

It was on a quiet day, long ago, while she was sitting in her study hall class in middle school. Bored out of her mind, Nicole pulled out a notebook and started jotting ideas down for a book. That book was Dark Revelations.

Since that day long ago, Dark Revelations went through a lot of changes, and was successfully published in July of 2017. While in the midst of writing the story, she came up with an idea for a prequel, and Fearless was born. Both novels are now available.

Now recsding in Southern Minnesota for two years now, Nicole lives with her boy friend of three years, her back lab, and gray and white tabby.