About the Author

​​“Life is full of different roads, where you end up, depends on the path you take.”

                A dreamer, a thinker, a romantic, Nicole was thrown into 
a world she didn’t often understand. She was shy, quiet, and often times had a hard time fitting in. 

               Growing up, her books became her best friend. She loved the smell of them, the feel of them in her hands, and she spent hours on end reading. She read the likes of Joanna Campbell’s Thoroughbred series. The ever popular, Goosebumps, and later on finding authors to inspire her. Allison Brennan, Lisa Jackson, Christine Coulter, were all great inspirations to her and she knew at just a young age that she wanted to become an author.

                It wasn’t just the books that called to her, though. Living in a world of divorce, of alcoholism, she often found solace in picking up a pen and watching the ink hit the page. Pouring the words, she couldn’t say, on a piece of paper became a therapy for her in a way.

                Throughout her school years, notebook after notebook was filled with stories, but nothing was ever quite right. Frustrated, and believing she would never reach her dream, she put her notebooks away. She stored her pens away and turned her back on writing. She entered the fast food industry, loving the fast pace of the industry, but knowing something was missing. Did she really want to do this for the rest of her life?

                One night, she was sitting in her home, and an idea started to form in her mind. Pulling out the laptop she had recently purchased, she felt her fingers hit the keyboard, and soon the world of Fearless was born. The moment she typed the last words, she knew this was a story she wanted to share with the world, and not long after a publisher was offering to pick up the work.

                Now, a year later, she is working on her second book, Dark Revelations and loving every minute of it. She’s living her dream, and can’t believe she wasted so much time turning her back on something she had always loved. Even in high school, she’d always had a love for the English language, but life is full of different roads, and where you end up, does indeed depend on the path you take.

                A lifelong resident of the Midwest, Nicole was born in Minnesota but lived most of her life in Wisconsin. She always thought she would stay in Wisconsin until she met her boyfriend two years ago. Now she is happily living back in Minnesota with her boyfriend, her black lab, and her gray and white tabby cat.

               When Nicole’s not writing, she often likes to catch up on some of her favorite TV shows. She has a profound love for shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Bones, Family guy, just to name a few. She loves shows with a good story line, and can often make her laugh. She also has a love for sports and follows her Packers, Badgers, and Brewers even from where she lives in Minnesota. She loves going to fairs, grilling out, and loves concerts. She also loves to cook, and believes that “Nothing tastes better, then something that been created by your own two hands."