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In the blink of an eye… her life changed forever. Now she’s the only thing standing between an organization threatening to ruin everything she loves, and a world unknowing the danger lurking in the distance…

Bombs explode in the distance. Gunfire can be heard for miles. Blood lines the streets, bodies strewn across the lawn, and yet it’s just another day for Elena Rodriquez.

A soldier for the organization, she stares through the sight of the rifle, her eyes trained on her target. A man responsible for the anarchy surrounding her. Only, before she can pull the trigger, memories start to come back to her. Memories of a life she’d forgotten she'd even
 had, and she suddenly remembers what the organization really is.


A black ops organization who had kidnapped 
her, drugged her, wiped her memories, and turned her into a killer. They’d taken her life, her freedom, her family. They’d used her, for their own personal gain. Forced her to kill innocent people, but she’ll be damned if she kills another human being in the name of the organization.

Because she’s coming for them.

And she’s just getting started.


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