Jasmine Nichols

Josslyn Morgan

Jade Morgan is the responsible one. When Josslyn left after graduating from college, she stepped up and took care of the house, took care of Julie, their grandmother, and their grandfather. Now, with Josslyn back, old tempers are starting to flare up and she resents Josslyn for coming back. She has the ability to control electrical forces.

Wild and carefree, Josslyn Morgan has never been one to sit still. Defiant, she was hell for her mother and grandmother growing up. But now, she's been kicked out of her third college. With nowhere to turn, she returns home, with her sisters, Ridden with guilt from her past mistakes, Josslyn's having a hard time letting go, and she's got a chip on her shoulder the size of an icicle. She's been gifted with the power to manipulate water and freeze time.

Abandoned as a baby, Jasmine Nichols has struggled with coming to terms with who she is. Now working at a law firm, she's desperate for answers. So when her boss hands her a file, telling her who her family really is, she never expected to be drawn into a world she never knew existed. Now, reunited with three sisters she's been given the power to move things with her mind.

Jade Morgan