The official cover for Dark Revelation is finally here! Stay tuned for the official release date of the novel...coming soon!


Dark Revelations is now officially available! Check out the kindle edition on Amazon, and keep your eyes peeled for the paperback and hardcover copy coming out soon. Also, don't forget Fearless will be available around the beginning of September and stay tuned for information about my next book, slated to release this winter!


Hello! Well I've made a few additions to the website. I figured, since I'm so close to being done with Dark Revelations, that each day I'll introduce a new character in the book. So keep checking back on here, on tumblr, or on my facebook page to see what character you get to meet next!



Happy summer everyone!

I know I haven't updated this in a while, had my hands full with Dark Revelations. Well... I finally have a release date for everyone. The novel will be available starting August 1st! Also look for the re-release of Fearless toward the beginning of September. Thanks for all your support and your patience as I work on getting the novels out there!


Man how time flies! It's been a while since I've updated the website, been pretty busy with getting Fearless set for the re-release and working on my next project, Devil's Game. Are there any Fantasy lovers out there? Then this next book will be for you! I'm excited to write it, and see where it takes me. Thank you all for your patience, and keep an eye out for Fearless, set to be re-released at the latest, December 5th. Also keep your eyes glued for the new cover art for Dark Revelations!